Sunday, 3 June 2018

(NOW SOLVED) Lets Create a Conundrum Where There Wasn't One and Try To Solve It

During the build of the Bell 222 Database we've managed to solve loads of mysteries, even some that people hadn't considered until we raised them. Well... Today i have set some time aside to essentially share something i realised years ago but had been unable to prove it.

Let me Create a Conundrum Where There Wasn't One and then.. Just maybe..  Try to Solve It

This photo was on the airwolf org website years ago...  Photo taken by ???

That is a Bell 222 inside the jet copters inc hanger at van nuys airport Los Angeles, California in the 1980's. It's been said for years that this was the airwolf mochup a.k.a  N9988K at jetcopters.

People back then based that one photo above as the mochup on the evidence that this one here below is clearly  N3176S.  Photo taken by ???

I can agree she is sitting in N3176S.. the flying airwolf at patterson enterprises.. BUT I can't and i wont ever agree that the first image is N9988K... and there are a number of reasons as to why...

1st trivial reason is this.. why take the mochup to jet copters ?

2nd reason..  N9988K also had brown leather door panels too... different design however, but the interior was brown and white, not grey and white...  Photo taken from bell 222 advert.

3rd reason.. the most defining reason ?  the sound stage mochup didn't have a co-pilot door until much later on.. Clearly here it has been gutted inside and still has NO door...  Photo taken by ???

I believe the first image at the top of this post COULD BE -  N1074T a.ka REDWOLF

As such.. here is the Grey THIN/FLAT door trim of N1074T before it was used as redwolf


Was the first Photo  N1074T  being prepared for the Redwolf episode ?


When redwolf was sold on its livery was red & white, so the curtains & the trim behind the pilot would match that right?.


Was the first photo in-fact actually  N3176S  AFTER Airwolf ended... being sorted out before it was sold with a new trim in the back to match the grey trim up front ?

It certainly can't really be N9988K... which is what's always been stated for years...

The stairs in the hanger go the wrong way ?
But they had 2 hangers?
Even if we flip/mirror the image then the panel Behind the pilot seat would then be behind the co-pilot seat which would be wrong

we'll update with folks theories as often as we get time to.. keep em coming.. lets solve this one..

Ok this was taken at the Jet Centre in Cincinnati and was one of Charlie Kubicki’s 222’s and had absolutly nothing to do with jet copters in OR Airwolf... one can only wonder why the ORG had it listed as an early mochup photo....

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Bell 222 Database Software

Old Beta 0.1 Menu

On November 1st 2017 bob released the first Beta Edition of the Bell 222 Database.

The idea was to catalogue every C/N and Tail Number allocated to a 222 (or 222A as some unofficially call it)

It initially listed every tail number and approximately 180 photographs

It's menu was pretty basic, though it came with a stack of short cut keys and a built in search engine along with a single screen for every C/N that listed the tails & what photographs were available at the time for that specific airframe.

It evolved a lot during the build process and grew to include the registry & C/N information for the 222B and the 222UT in turn it really had become the 222 "Series" Database .

After a few random tweaks and updates, Beta 0.6 Arrived (march 2018) with a staggering 2,061 photographs.

For health and safety reasons the bell PDF files where removed which paved the way to free up space and even more photographs were then added along with that extra B and UT information. The search engine was also made available by clicking (along with the already available option to press S to open it) and a nice background graphic was added.

Old Beta 0.6 Menu

UPDATE (may 2018)
Soon version 1.0 will arrive as the project exits beta stage. To see some of the inner workings and features of this free software you can view a load of screen shots of it HERE, showing many of its features and how it looks beyond the main menu screen.

Version 1.0 Main Menu

UPDATE (October 2018)
Version 1.4 is now available

You can download, yes that's right, YOU CAN NOW DOWNLOAD the current build release from the updates page HERE.
This isn't one of those software's you get teased with and it never arrives. Nor does it require any runtime, the net or even payment. Loads of information on the screen shots page and the download page.

Version 1.4 features the 222, 222B and 222UT images