Saturday, 6 December 1986

Bell 222 - The A-Team - UNKNOWN

The A-Team tv series (1986) - UNKNOWN
Season / Series 4
Episode: 1 - Judgement Day

No idea what this C/N was, note it has no aerial on the cockpit, it has safety floats fitted (they alter the weight and as such its a lot of paperwork for that) The rotors also have orange markings.
This is not Airwolf and this is not Redwolf


Friday, 26 September 1986

Bell 222 - Miami Vice - IDENTIFIED

Miami Vice tv series (1986) - IDENTIFIED YV-163CP / 47088 (formerly N222AB)

Season / Series 3
Episode: 1 - When Irish Eyes Are Crying
note that  N8185J  is a fake tail number

This 222 used to be N222AB (up until 1984) so (in 1986) during this episode it was YV-163CP, but here is a photo of it when it was N222AB  ;)