Ok folks we are looking for some help obtaining missing photos...

These are the Bell 222 C/N numbers we have No images for what so ever
47007, 47008, 47010, 47023, 47034, 47049, 47058, 47067, 47069, 47077 47088, 47089, 47099

These C/N's we lack photos for held the following tail numbers
N2772E,  N5013H,  9XR-???,  C-GLCN,  RP-C1724,  N111RS,  N27790,  N38929,  N39117,  XA-STH,  HL9216,  N2152J,  N2071X,  HL9219,  N913VP,  N3176U,  N222AB,  YV-163CP,  N424WW,  N2042X

Note: although we have 2,400+ images for the other 222 C/N numbers,
These are the other 222 tail numbers we still also need images for...

N3176S(before airwolf),  N9992K,  N303SG,  N303SL,  N230NX,  N9225F,  PT-HTG,  PT-HTF,  ZK-HFQ,  N1082Y,  N75CR,  N434WW,  N3181D,  N222LD,  N4391H,  N1082Z,  N6566C,  N222MJ,  N5750M,  N997RS,  C-GDRH,  PT-HAC,  N27118,  N222HV,  C-GFCB,  D-HBTZ,  N9B,  N121NC,  N121NN,  G-BNDA,  N773WW,  9M-AYX,  C-GFCC,  C-GFOC,  N355FC,  EL-GIO,  CX-BQK,  LV-VAH,  N5754B,  N222LV,   N38KK,  F-WYMA,  F-WKHS,  F-WQAA,  VH-OSU,  G-BNDB,  N3895H,  N602BA,  XB-JBT,  N3899S,  N322RM,  N183S,  N404WW(unstripped),  N1075C,  N850E,  N70692,  YU-HCP,  TC-HMB,  N729P,  N34WH,  XB-LHO,  N112JH,  N145BA,  N100YM,  N130YM,  N8140A,  N800HH,  N38998,  G-BLSZ,  N230LB,  N2220P,  N29WW,  N100TE,  N2057B,  N800CN,  N24FH,  N222LB(both c/ns),  N11SP,  N8114X,  EI-DZN,  N21SR,  N21NH,  N337RE,  N85PS,  N18097,  N222BX(c/n 47075),  N545WW,  N2071Z,  N32HS,  N1982P,  N18UC,  N990JB,  C-GSVD,  N32GH,  XA-SII,  5R-MOH,  N20461,  N131GS,  N222ML(both c/ns),  N5NJ,  N3176T,  N828WA,  N41EL,  XA-STH,  N31764,  N415J,  N213ML

NOTE, Ive added the Airwolf (N3176S) because we've yet to see or a get photo of her PRE-ARWOLF body.

If you saved photos of 222's over the years.. copy this post into a TEXT file, open up ur 222 folder and use the notepad search to see if any of the tails you have photos for appear in this body of text. if so.. post them for us  :)

NOTE: we have 2,400+  222 Images in our facebook group sorted by (C/N) album

Ok.. Now The "Bell 222B"

They made 26 Bell 222B  helicopters and we have images for 25 of them (with varied tails)
We have no images at all for C/N 47136

And out the 222B C/N's we do have images for, we still lack photos of the following tail

N8159Z,  N306CH,  ZS-HMD(not as airwolf),  DQ-AAA,  HL9224,  N38CC,  CC-PYE,  N7040Z,  N3179K,  N911UC,  N3177D,  N67WT,  N3205T,  JA9928,  N878TX,  N91GC,  N2XK,  N3184A,  N550TX,  JA9946,  N22ND,  N31904,  N811CE,  N3192K,  CS-MHE,  N4343H,  N338K,  N80Q,  N3199D,  N225DJ,  JA9918,  N21526,  N864CE,  N865CE,  N110AL,  N110AE,  JA9901,  N222EA,  N3263D,  N753JC,  N911RA,  JA9663,  N10KB,  N9ZS,  N32064,  ZS-HTB,  DQ-AAF,  LV-CQZ,  LV-CKJ,  N3216W,  CS-MHB

NOTE: we have 793  222B images in the facebook group so far, again sorted into albums by (C/N)

Ok.. now the "Bell 222UT"

We also have photos we have yet to identify which you can see  here  be sure to check back too, as we have more unknown images to add. If you can identify any then comment on the page the image is on  ;)   at the end of the results Click  OLDER POSTS  to see the next page of unknowns.

A lot of websites over the years have vanished like geocities, angelfire, 50megs and others. Although sometimes they can be accessed via that wayBack url, to do that you need to know the URL to enter, on top of that it only saved the Page. So if the image was a thumbnail which opened the full image in a new window (this is often a window that was never saved)  As the bell 222 database exits the beta stage im making this page to point out the Tail Numbers we currently lack images for.. In the hopes that people will go through their own folders & send us photos we don't have...

Don't send us any photos copyrighted by STULL.. he will just report us for using them...

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