v1.0 Screen Main Menu

The main menu offers a few choices for ease of navigation, so you can manually jump right into sections of information and images.

Previous releases where just a white background, then evolved to have the rotors mast head. I have chosen to give the latest release a more rustic old fashioned look.

This screen shot (its OS frame) shows it running on Windows 8.1. Though it'll run on Windows XP up to Windows 10.

I have yet to test it on Win98. But i would assume it'll work on 98.

v0.7 Beta Screen Help Menu

The help screen lists all the current shortcut keys along with other useful information to help you get the most out of the current version.

The shortcut key list can also be accessed on any screen by pressing K, so you can always gain access to those from anywhere you need to.

Pressing ESCAPE also exits the help screen and takes you back were you where, so if you ever press H to access the help, going back wont loose where you were upto.

Pressing  K  On Any Screen To View The Shortcut Keys & Search Tips

v0.7 Beta Screen Used Search

For those looking to access information about what "movies" and "tv shows" the 222 features in you can search the database for the words "Screen Used"

You can also search for the names of films and tv series that you think you may have seen one in.

If you did then chances are my database features the information along with screen shots of it too.

Screen Used covers the 222, 222B, 222UT, 230 and the 430 (though at the moment the 430 coverage is limited)  that said.. this is supposed to just be a 222 database right? so anything else is a bonus..

v0.7 Beta Screen Tail Prefix Information

Pressing "  i  "  on any screen gives you access to a Tail Prefix Screen that helps you define what country a 222 is registered in, such as G- = UK, N = USA, ZS- = Africa, C- = Canada, D- = Germany  and so on.

You can also access this same list as a choice of text file, pdf file, ms word doc and ms excel, so you can search those even while this dialogue screen is closed making it more useful while using the rest of the database screens.

Pressing  L  To Access Web Links

You can also press "  L  "  on any screen that gives you access to links to on-line up to date official registration databases to look up the current registered owner of the registration tail number in the official civil aviation databases.


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