The Bell 222 Database lists every Construction Number and Tail number to date along with over 2,500+ Photos of the Bell 222 in all its random paint schemes and tail numbers.

It has a fully functional search engine designed to find C/N's, Tails and other MISC information you throw at it like names of films, tv series and companies that have used them.

It has an In-depth help file listing all the features and search options available along with some history on the 222. It's a work in progress, though a BETA download is available to encourage Feedback from users.

We still lack photos for a selection of tail numbers and we have no brochures at all... Reach out to us if you have anything your willing to send in for us to add....

We do NOT plan to offer manuals or break any of Bells content guidelines, so please don't ask us too.
All information is for the sake of history and educational research and nothing more.

More Info soon...

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